Old Town, Florida

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Old Town is an unincorporated community in Dixie County, Florida, United States. It is located at US 19-ALT 27-98 and State Road 349.


Old Town is located at 29°36′04″N 82°58′55″W / 29.6011°N 82.9819°W / 29.6011; -82.9819Coordinates: 29°36′04″N 82°58′55″W / 29.6011°N 82.9819°W / 29.6011; -82.9819 (29.6011, -82.9819),[1] about 40 miles southwest of Gainesville and 12 miles northwest of Chiefland.

Historic places[edit]

Historic places in Old Town include:

Medical care[edit]

For health care, Old Town has a small urgent-care center; but in cases of true emergencies, patients are airlifted to Gainesville hospitals. Physical therapy and other rehabilitative services are available in Chiefland.