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Old School (also "Old Skool" or "Traditional") refers to a Western or traditional Americana tattoo style featuring bold, blue-black outlines, usually filled with solid red and green with rare additions of blue, yellow, brown and purple; and embellished with little or no shading. Norman Keith Collins, also known as "Sailor Jerry", (1911–1973) is one of the most well known traditional tattoo artists.

Other famous artists are:

  • Herbert Hoffmann (1919–2010), began tattoing in Germany during the 1930s. Together with fellow artists Karlmann Richter and Albert Cornelissen he was featured in the 2004 film Blue Skin (German: Flammen' Herz).
  • Amund Dietzel (1890–1974), Norwegian-born artist who began his career as a sailor, before settling in the United States. Known as the "Master in Milwaukee".
  • Bert Grimm (1900–1985), a Chicago-, the St Louis-based artist who moved to Long Beach, California to set up a shop at the Nu-Pike. His parlour was said to be the oldest continually running in the continental US and the place for sailors to get inked.[1] Sold the shop to Bob Shaw in 1970.
  • Bob Shaw (1926–1993), American artist who learned tattooing from Bert Grimm in St Louis. Later worked with Grimm and became the president of the National Tattoo Association from 1983-1988.[2]
Old school tattoo designs

Common Old School Tattoo Motifs[edit]

Examples of popular old school tattoo designs include:

  • Cherry tattoos
  • Nautical star tattoos
  • Native American tattoos
  • Pin up tattoos
  • Mermaid tattoos
  • Swallow and sparrow tattoos
  • Heart tattoos
  • Harley Davidson symbol tattoos
  • Anchor tattoos
  • Eagle tattoos
  • Fish tattoos
  • Navy and other armed forces symbols
  • Dagger tattoos
  • Rose tattoos
  • Water tattoos
example of nautical star


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