Olderfleet Castle

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Coordinates: 54°50′42″N 5°48′32″W / 54.845°N 5.809°W / 54.845; -5.809

Ruins of Olderfleet (circa 1860-1883).

Olderfleet Castle (more correctly a four-storey tower house according to tradition built by the Scoto-Irish Bissett family in the 13th century), was an Irish castle, the remains of which stand on the Curran Point to the south of Larne Harbour in Larne Lough, present-day Northern Ireland. Larne Lough was formerly called Olderfleet. In 1315 Edward Bruce landed here with his 6000 strong army en route to conquer Ireland. Queen Elizabeth I considered the castle of such strategic importance that she appointed Sir Moyses Hill its governor in 1569.

Olderfleet Castle is a State Care Historic Monument in the townland of Curran and Drumaliss, in Larne Borough Council area, at grid ref: D4133 0166.[1] The place name of Olderfleet (now Larne) is of Danish origin [2]

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