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Manchester metrolink logo.PNG Oldham Mumps
Oldham Mumps Metrolink station-Geograph-3808802.jpg
A tram at Oldham Mumps Metrolink station
Oldham Mumps is located in Manchester_Metrolink
Oldham Mumps
Oldham Mumps
Location of Oldham Mumps in Greater Manchester
Place Oldham
Local authority Metropolitan Borough of Oldham
Coordinates 53°32′33″N 2°06′12″W / 53.5424°N 2.1033°W / 53.5424; -2.1033Coordinates: 53°32′33″N 2°06′12″W / 53.5424°N 2.1033°W / 53.5424; -2.1033
Grid reference SD933049
Platforms 2
Fare zone information
Present status In operation
Opened 1 November 1847
Closed as rail station 3 October 2009
Conversion to Metrolink operation 13 June 2012 (temporary station)
27 January 2014 (opening date of permanent station)

Transit map symbol.png Oldham and Rochdale Line

Rochdale Town Centre Bus interchange
Rochdale Railway Station Parking National Rail
Shaw and Crompton Parking
Derker Parking
Oldham Mumps Parking Bus interchange
Oldham Central
Oldham King Street
South Chadderton
Hollinwood Parking
Newton Heath and Moston
Central Park
to Queens Road Depot
Manchester Victoria National Rail
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Oldham Mumps Metrolink station is a station on the Oldham and Rochdale Line (ORL) of Greater Manchester's light-rail Metrolink system in the Mumps area of Oldham which opened in 2014.

A temporary station of the same name opened to passengers on 13 June 2012 as part of Phase 3a of the system's expansion. Phase 3b resulted in the station's decommissioning in 2014, and its replacement with the permanent station at the opposite end of Mumps on a realigned track. The temporary station was on the site of the original Oldham Mumps railway station, a heavy rail station which opened (initially for haulage) on 1 November 1847[1] and closed on 3 October 2009 for conversion to Metrolink. It was along the Oldham Loop Line, which operated from Manchester to Rochdale via Oldham and thus was almost identical to the current Metrolink route.


Mainline rail station[edit]

Oldham Mumps railway station opened on 1 November 1847[1] to serve the town of Oldham. The station was a primary station located on the Oldham Loop Line 7 12 mi (12.1 km) north east of Manchester Victoria operated and managed by Northern Rail.

The name of the station is taken from its situation within the Mumps area of Oldham, which itself probably derived from the archaic word "mumper", slang for a beggar.[2]

The station was reached across the dual-carriageway Oldham bypass, a difficult walk from the town centre. A pedestrian underpass led to the island platform, where there was a ticket office.

The station closed due to the conversion of the line to Metrolink on 3 October 2009 and, by May 2010, had been completely demolished.[1] The station canopy has been saved. It was bought by the East Lancashire Railway after a successful public fund-raising campaign.[3][4] It is hoped that the canopy will be installed at Bury Bolton Street.

Temporary Metrolink station[edit]

In June 2010, the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (GMPTE) announced that as part of the conversion of the former Oldham loop, it would submit a planning application for a temporary Metrolink terminus at Oldham Mumps, close to the site of the former railway station. Services to the temporary terminus commenced on Wednesday 13 June 2012[5]

The temporary Metrolink station was reached by crossing Oldham Way or could be accessed by the free Metroshuttle service, which linked the station with the town centre and bus station.[6]

The 'temporary' Oldham Mumps Metrolink Station closed on 18 January 2014.

Permanent Metrolink station[edit]

The permanent Metrolink station opened on 27 January 2014[7] on the site of the former B&Q store and is also a bus interchange.

Tram services[edit]

Trams run from Oldham Mumps to East Didsbury via Victoria and to Rochdale interchange bus station via Shaw every 12 minutes Monday–Saturday and Sunday daytime and every 15 minutes Sunday evenings.[8]

Service pattern[edit]

  • 5 trams per hour to Rochdale
  • 5 trams per hour to East Didsbury

Connecting bus routes[edit]




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