Ole Henriksen

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Ole Henriksen
Ole henriksen sign sunset boulevard.JPG
The sign outside his Los Angeles beauty salon
Born May 4, 1951
Nibe , Denmark
Occupation Skin Care, Day spa, Author

Ole Henriksen (born May 4, 1951 in Nibe, Denmark) is a Danish skin cosmetician and manufacturer of skin care products, living in the United States.

Early years[edit]

Ole Henriksen was born and raised in a small town in Nibe, Denmark. After an impoverished upbringing, Henriksen travelled to Indonesia, during which time his skin became inflamed with cystic acne. He was treated by an aesthetician named Lagita, at a clinic in Jakarta.[1]

The successful treatment, performed with various botanicals, piqued Henriksen’s interest in skin care. Henriksen moved to London to pursue degrees in skin care and cosmetic chemistry, before moving to the United States.


His spa business, based on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, has been running for three decades.[2][3]

Public appearances and television[edit]

Henriksen gained a renewed attention with his show Ole Henriksens Hollywood on Danish TV2 in 2007, where he invited six well-known Danish men to his clinic in Hollywood for a complete treatment.

Henriksen uses his kitchen to experiment with all kinds of raw materials.[4]


He was featured in a major release single called "Dope" by Danish duo band PULS[5] that reached Top 3 on Tracklisten, the official Danish Singles Chart in 2011.

Featured in
Year Song Peak Album
2011 "Dope" (PULS feat. Ole Henriksen) 3 PULS EP

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