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Olea Medical
Type C-Corp
Founded 2008 in Marseille
Founders Fayçal Djeridane, Benoît Gy, Cyril Di Grandi, Anca Mitulescu
Headquarters La Ciotat, France
Area served Worldwide
Products Medical imaging software
Services Imaging training, Consulting in teleradiology
Divisions Healthcare sector
Website www.olea-medical.com

Olea Medical develops post-processing software dedicated to the optimization of medical images and computer-aided diagnosis. The main programs developed by Olea Medical are used to evaluate stroke, brain tumor, breast cancer, head and neck cancer, prostate and liver cancer, in both CT and MRI. Olea Medical's purpose is to support physicians' decision in their daily practice. The company is also working to develop new applications for the diagnosis of other diseases such as traumatic brain injuries, multiple sclerosis. The expertise of Olea Medical is in perfusion imaging, diffusion, tensor.

The development of the company is based on close collaborations with luminary users from academic institutions worldwide, which use the software in clinical routine.

Nowadays, Olea Medical's software is used in Asia, Europe and North America.

Olea Medical's headquarters are in France, and has a subsidiary in Cambridge, Massachusetts for its North American operations.


Olea means an olive tree in Latin language. For Ancient Greece and Rome, this tree symbolizes peace and the cure for all diseases. Furthermore, it stands for strength, immortality and hope.

Olea Medical's Creation[edit]

Olea Medical was founded on 9 July 2008, after years of collaboration with Professor Nicoli from La Timone University Hospital (Marseille, France). The first software was dedicated to the visualization and analysis of MR data to help physicians in their diagnosis. The company has seen a rapid growth, working with many worldwide medical centers. Its engineers come from the aerospace and defense industries such as DCNS, Dassault Systemes, thus explaining its know-how in software optimization (fast computation and software architecture).

In 2009, the software PerfScape and NeuroScape were FDA and CE cleared, and allowed Olea Medical to commercialize its products in the US and European markets. During the same year Olea Medical has enlarged its medical advisory board and new partnerships were established with internationally renowned institutions such as the National Institute of Health. Collaborating with new experts in neuroimaging and radiology allowed Olea Medical to extend its expertise and develop new versions of its software, which have been CE marked in 2010.

The last version of the Olea Medical’s software is Olea Sphere, launched in October 2012 for the US market.

The company participated in several scientific congresses worldwide such as European Stroke Conference, Radiological Society of North America, International Stroke Conference, American Society of Neuroradiology, Eastern Neuroradiology Society, SNIS, European Congress of Radiology.


Nowadays, Olea Medical’s range of product is:

PerfScape (2009)[edit]

PerfScape is a program mainly used to compute perfusion maps (rCBV, rCBF, MTT, TTP, TMax, TMIP) from PWI sequence. It allows the physician to modify several parameters to adjust the maps such as the deconvolution method, AIF selection, motion correction and noise removing. The utilization of this application is very fast regarding to the entire diagnosis workflow: according to Olea Medical, few seconds are necessary with this software to compute perfusion maps.

NeuroScape (2009)[edit]

This second software has been developed to help doctors in making the diagnosis. The main window is a synchronized and rescaled visualization of all maps, with different tools to measure and analyze the brain lesions. Other innovative features are available depending on the version used: core and penumbra volume estimation for the CT Stroke version; mismatch calculation for MR Stroke version; corrected rCBV and permeability map for MR Brain Tumor version.

Olea Sphere (2012)[edit]

Olea Sphere is a vendor-neutral, multimodal 3D client-server visualization & processing solution designed to offer advanced plug-ins to support physicians’ in their daily practice. This hybrid platform offers a wide range of automated and semi-automated image processing and manipulation features, including longitudinal analysis, registration, motion correction, regions of interest, multi-modalities image fusion and comparison for follow-up purposes. Olea Sphere was designed with algorithms, for quantitative & qualitative maps. The Olea Sphere also runs on each operating system (IOS, Windows, Linux). The software is FDA-cleared.


  • IMRIS Inc.
  • Vital Images, a Toshiba Medical Systems Group Company
  • Neurologica, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd
  • Brainlab.


  • American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR)
  • Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
  • European Congress of Radiology (ECR)
  • Journee Francaise de Radiologie (JFR)
  • Arab Health
  • International stroke conference (ISC)
  • European Stroke Conference (ESC)
  • Eastern Neuroradiology Society (ENRS)
  • Society of Neurointerventional Surgery (SNIS)

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