Oleksandr Yefremov

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Oleksandr Yefremov
Oleksandr Yefremov.jpg
People's Deputy of Ukraine
Assumed office
December 12, 2012
In office
November 23, 2007 – December 12, 2012
In office
25 May, 2006 – 23 November, 2007
4th Governor of Luhansk Oblast
In office
April, 1998 – 26 January, 2006
Preceded by Hennady Fomenko
Succeeded by Oleksiy Danilov
Personal details
Born (1954-08-22) August 22, 1954 (age 60)
Voroshylovhrad, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union
Political party Party of Regions
Alma mater East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University
Religion Orthodoxy

Oleksandr Yefremov or Aleksandr Efremov (Ukrainian: Олександр Сергійович Єфремов, Russian: Александр Серге́евич Ефремов) is a Ukrainian parliamentary and statesman. A former governor of the Luhansk Oblast, since 2010 he is a Party of Regions faction leader in the Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine's parliament).


Yefremov was born in Voroshylovhrad on August 22, 1954 to an ethnic Russian family of Sergei Serafimovich Yefremov and Nadezhda Stepanovna. In 1973-78 he studied and successfully graduated from the Voloshylovhrad Machine-building Institute (today the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University) as engineer-mechanic. After graduating Yefremov became employed as an engineer-technologist at the Lenin Machine-building Plant in Luhansk. From October 1978 to April 1980 he served at the Kiev Military District military site #68302,[1] the 692nd Communication Unit of Civil Defense Headquarters (Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, Ukrainian SSR).

In 1980-87 Yefremov worked as a Komsomol activist, until 1983 as the 1st secretary of the Leninsky Raion of Luhansk and then of the whole city. In 1987-91 he was on managerial positions at the Lenin Machine-building Plant, deputy chief of department, sectary of party committee. During this time in 1990-92 Yefremov studied and graduated from the Kiev Institute of Political Science and Social Administration as a political scientist. The institute was officially liquidated in March 1992.[2]

In 1991-96 Yefremov worked as a director of a local company "MSP Mega LTD". In 1996-97 he was a chairman of the Board of Commercial Bank "Ukrainian Communal Bank" where his wife, Larysa, and son, Ihor, work. In 1997-98 Yefremov works as a deputy governor and from April 7, 1998 to January 27, 2005 as a governor of Luhansk Oblast as a member of the People's Democratic Party. During that time he also gained a magisterial diploma from the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University in 2000.

In 2005 Yefremov changed his political affiliation by the end of year headed the regional center of the Party of Regions. In 2006 he ran for seat in the Supreme Council of Ukraine as a member of the Party of Regions, while at the time being a director of regional administration of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Yefremov after being elected to the national parliament also was elected to the regional council as well. Since then he was a People's Deputy of Ukraine and was reelected to the parliament on two more occasions. From 2010 Yefremov heads the parliamentary faction of the Party of Regions changing on the post Viktor Yanukovych.

In 2011 Yefremov said in a televised comment "I even have information that Soros has allocated certain funds in order to prepare a certain group of young boys here in Ukraine who could launch any existing projects based on the North Africa examples."[3]



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