Olga Sučić

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Olga Sučić
Born 1958
Died 5 April 1992(1992-04-05) (aged 33–34)
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Olga Sučić (1958 – 5 April 1992) was a Croat who is considered along with Suada Dilberović to be the first Bosnian casualties of the Bosnian War in Sarajevo.[1][2][3]


On 5 April 1992, in response to events all over Bosnia and Herzegovina 100,000 people of all nationalities turned out for a peace rally in Sarajevo. Serb snipers in a Holiday Inn hotel under the control of the Serbian Democratic Party in the heart of Sarajevo opened fire on the crowd killing six people and wounding several more. An ethnic Bosniak woman Suada Dilberović and Olga Sučić were in the first rows, protesting on the Vrbanja bridge at the time. The bridge on which Sučić and Dilberović were killed was renamed in their honor. Six Serb snipers were arrested, but were exchanged when the Serbs threatened to kill the commandant of the Bosnian police academy who was captured the previous day, after the Serbs took over the academy and arrested him.[2][4][5]

It is disputed between Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs who the first casualties of the Bosnian war are. Bosniaks and Croats consider the first casualties of the war to be Suada Dilberović and Olga Sučić.[1][2][3][6] Serbs consider Nikola Gardović, a groom's father who was killed at a Serb wedding procession on the second day of the referendum, on 1 March 1992 in Sarajevo's old town Baščaršija, to be the first victim of the war.[7]

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