Olga Zrihen

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Olga Zrihen
In office
28 June 2007 – June 2011
Personal details
Born 10 January 1953
Casablanca (Morocco)
Nationality Belgian (formerly French), Moroccan
Political party Parti Socialiste
Residence La Louvière

Olga Zrihen (Arabic: أولجا زريهان) is a Moroccan-born Belgian politician and a member of the Parti Socialiste. She became a member of the European Parliament in April 2001, not reelected in June 2004. A few months later she was coopted to the Belgian Senate, and in 2007 she was elected to it.[1] She is a member of the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians[2] and in March 2002 she supported an appeal in favour of Israeli membership of the European Union.[3][4]


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