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Zubarry as Marianela (1955)

Olga Adela Zubarriaín (30 October 1929 – 15 December 2012), known as Olga Zubarry, was an Argentine film actress. She was born the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Parque de los Patricios. She made almost 80 appearances in film between 1943 and 1997, spanning 6 decades of Argentine cinema.

She began her career as an extra at Lumiton studios in 1943 in the movie Safo, historia de una pasión directed by Carlos Hugo Christensen. Her rise to fame occurred with the film adaptation (El ángel desnudo) of the novel Frau Elsie, by Arthur Schnitzler. In 1955 she starred as Marianela in the film of the same name under director Julio Porter, which won her the Silver Condor Award for Best Actress at the 1956 Argentine Film Critics Association Awards.

In 1959 she starred in La sangre y la semilla, a historical film set in 1870 and shot in Paraguay. In 1962 she appeared in A hierro muere with Alberto de Mendoza. She won many awards during her career, such as the Martin Fierro (twice) and Cóndor de Plata. Zubarry retired in 1997.

She died in Buenos Aires on 15 December 2012, aged 83.[1]


She was married for 46 years to Juan Carlos Gárate, former president of Argentina Sono Film, a movie company, who died in 2007. She had 2 daughters: Mariana and Valeria, and three grandchildren.


She worked with MAMA (Mis Alumnos Mas Amigos), a charitable organization that works with the children from the streets, located in Villa Ballester in Greater Buenos Aires.[1]

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