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Coordinates: 59°59′30″N 30°7′41″E / 59.99167°N 30.12806°E / 59.99167; 30.12806

The Olgino railway station of the Primorsky Railway in the early 20th century

Olgino (Russian: О́льгино) is a historical area in Lakhta-Olgino Municipal Okrug of St. Peterburg, Russia, located south-west of the area of Lakhta and east of Lisy Nos. This part of the Neva Bay coast was owned in the mid-19th century by Count Stenbock-Fermor, of Swedish provenance, who bestowed upon it the name of his wife Olga. In the early 20th century, Olgino emerged as a prosperous dacha village north of the Russian capital. Among its inhabitants was poet Korney Chukovsky. Olgino was incorporated into the city of Leningrad in January 1963. It is considered St. Petersburg's counterpart to Rublyovka, the most exclusive neighbourhood of Moscow.

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