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Family of artists, Olim Kamalov and Sarvinoz Hodjieva

Early life[edit]

Olim Kamalov, Tajik artist, was born 3 May 1960 in the family of Tajik conductor and composer Azam Kamalov and librarian Fotima Kamalova.


1975-1979 Art College named by M.Olimov

Work experience[edit]

1979-1985 – chief artist at Armugon art factory

1980-1982 – military service in Soviet Army

1985-1993– chief artist and co-founder of Tuhfa cooperative

1993-2000 – teacher of drawing, high school #7

2000 – to this day – part-time artist at Adib publishing-house

2010 – co-founder and director of Mino Art Centre

By learning the specific of miniature painting and restoring copies of miniatures of Middle Age Persian-Tajik artist K. Behzod, O. Kamalov works on the series of his own works of modern miniature. He elaborated his own technology of wood processing and paints miniatures on canvases, plates and plane-tables. The artist has his author’s elaboration of painted in national style, chiseled wooden chess-backgammon. In 2009 Olim Kamalov found Tajik school of miniature painting.

Olim Kamalov's students

Professional memberships[edit]

С 2003 - member of the Union of Artists of Tajikistan

с 2005 - member of People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan

Personal art exhibitions[edit]

2004, 2009 – personal exhibitions at Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan

2005 – supported by Soros Foundation, Gallery of Union of Artists of Tajikistan

2006 – Turkish Embassy, Tajikistan

2008 – exhibition of Kamalov's students works in his studio

2009 – Indian Embassy, Tajikistan

Olim Kamalov, An old man and a girl, 30х40cm, 2002

International Group Art exhibitions[edit]

Day of National Reconciliation in Tajikistan ( Dushanbe, Gallery of Union of artists of Tajikistan, 2002, 2007)

Day of culture of Tajikistan in Russian Federation (Moscow, Dushanbe, 2005)

Day of culture of Tajikistan in France ( Paris, 2005)

Day of culture of Tajikistan in Belarus (Minsk, 2008)

Day of culture of Tajikistan in India (Delhi, 2008)


2009 - medal of honored artist of the Republic of Tajikistan