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This article is about the given name Oliver. For etymology and Scottish Oliver family, see Oliver. For with the family name, see Oliver (family name). For other uses, see Oliver (disambiguation).
Mort de Roland.jpg
Mort de Roland, depicting the death of Roland in The Song of Roland. One part of the story tells how Roland's best friend, Oliver, died with him.
Gender masculine
Language(s) pos. Germanic; pos. Latin
Region of origin Carolingian Empire
Other names
Related names Noll; Oilbhreis; Oilibhéar; Olivier; Ollie; Olghar; Oliver

The masculine given name Oliver is of Old High German origin. The name was used by one of Charlemagne's retainers— see Oliver (paladin). The name is said to have been derived from the Late Latin Oliverius, however, the names of Charlemagne's other retainers were of Germanic origin, and it is thought that the name is also a form of a Germanic name. It is suggested that the name could thus be rooted to Olaf. The name, Oliver, was brought to England by the Normans.[1]

In other languages[edit]

Persons with the given name[edit]

Pet forms[edit]

Pet forms of the English given name Oliver include: Ollie, Noll.[1]


In 2013 it was the fifth most popular name for boys in Australia.[6]

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