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Oliver Broumis (2012)

Oliver Broumis is a German actor. He was born in Hannover, Germany at July 31, 1965, where he grew up.


Right after College he went to the Hamburg University of Music and Dramatic arts for a 4 years education in acting. Since then, he also did a lot of training in Los Angeles with M. K. Lewis (Film Tech), Sam Christensen (S. Chr. Process) and Frank Betzelt, Berlin (Meisner technique). He began his professional life with the German/Swiss film "Immer & Ewig" aka "Always & Forever", a modern version of the Jean-Paul Sartre play "Les Jeux sont faits" aka "The Game is over". At the same time he also started in theaters all over Germany with plays of Shakespeare, Goethe and others.

Through the war movies Stalingrad and Hasenjagd aka The Quality of Mercy he discovered his fondness and ability to play emotional disturbed and volatile characters.

In 2002 his interest in film politics made him one of the co-founders of the "film.lounge.berlin", a meeting and networking spot for the Berlin film industry.

In 2004 he played the German zoologist and wild life activist Bernhard Grzimek who was responsible for the conservation of natural world heritage like the Tanzanian Serengeti National Park. As a boy of 4 years he grew up with Bernhard Grzimek's monthly TV show and he decided to become this fighting man – 3 decades later that happened.

Also in 2004 he produced the documentary "Zwischen Kopf und Himmel" of a young first time director. It is a movie about the life of women in East Africa.

He is working with a German director on the script of "Rigby". A film about death and the process of dying. The story explores the question if you are able to live in the presence of your own mortality and transience, what benefits for your life you will get out of it ?! For research he worked a few weeks in a local hospice. He will also play the main part in the film.

In 2013 he did the "Raindance Berlin Documentary Foundation Course" (Raindance Film Festival) to expand his abilities as a filmmaker because he started working on two Documentaries for the first time.

He is a member of the German Film Academy (Deutsche Filmakademie), European Film Academy and the German Screen Actors Guild (BFFS).

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Movie work[edit]

  • Immer & Ewig aka Always & Forever (1991)
  • Stalingrad
  • Hasenjagd aka The Quality of Mercy (1994)
  • Gefährliche Orte-Bombenleger (1996)
  • Durchgebraten (1997)
  • Die letzte Sekunde (1997)
  • Bella Martha aka Mostly Martha (2000)
  • Girl (2001)
  • Neon Eyes (2002)
  • Die Gelgenheit (2003)
  • Zwischen Kopf und Himmel (2004)
  • Perle (2004)
  • Hochzeitszone (2005)
  • Saturn Returns (2009)
  • Die Unbedingten (2009)
  • Unter dir die Stadt (2009)
  • Unter den Haenden (2010)

TV work[edit]

  • Tatort-Lauf eines Todes (1989)
  • Die Spinnen (1989)
  • Magic (1991), Series, Great Britain
  • Die Unbestechliche (1994)
  • Grosstadtrevier-Bodo (1994)
  • Ein tödliches Vergehen (1995)
  • Sophie-Schlauer als die Polizei (1996)
  • Austernexpress (1996)
  • SK Babies-Alle für einen (1997)
  • Balko-Blutige Beute (1997)
  • Julia-Kämpfe für deine Träume (1997)
  • Ein Fall für Zwei-Die letzte Rate aka A Case for Two (1997)
  • Auf eigene Gefahr-Ladendiebe (1998)
  • Küstenwache-Blinder Passagier (1998)
  • Soko 5113-Auge um Auge (1998)
  • Ein Fall für Zwei-Blutiges Geld aka A Case for Two (1998)
  • Doppelter Einsatz-Evas Tod (1998)
  • Menschenjagd (1998)
  • Die Stunde des Löwen (1998)
  • Die Schule am See-Der Coup mit der Kuh (1998)
  • Die Schule am See-Die Überraschung (1999)
  • Schlaf mit meinem Mann (1999)
  • Die Kommissarin-Falsche Opfer
  • SOKO 5113-Alleingang (2000)
  • All´arrabbiata (2000)
  • SK Kölsch-Ruhe in Frieden (2001)
  • Tatort-Zahltag (2001)
  • Durch Dick und Dünn (2001)
  • Wolffs Revier-Heisse Suppe aka Wolff's Turf (2002)
  • Tatort-Große Liebe (2003)
  • Donna Leon-Acqua Alta (2003)
  • Bernhard Grzimek -Ein Leben für die Tiere (2004)
  • Bis in die Spitzen aka Blow dry (2005–2006)
  • Die großen und die kleinen Wünsche-David gegen Goliath (2006)
  • SOKO Wismar-Tödliche Hörner (2006)
  • Familie Dr. Kleist-Zerreissprobe (2007)
  • Tierisch verliebt (2007)
  • Immer Wirbel um Marie (2008)
  • Krimi.de-Nebenan (2008)
  • Frau Böhm sagt nein (2009)
  • Notruf Hafenkante - Die Tangotänzerin (2011)
  • SOKO Stuttgart - 4 Männer und ein Baby (2012)
  • Binny and the Ghost - Episode 6 & 7 (2014)
  • Der Lehrer - Episode 9 (2014)

Theater work[edit]

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