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For the 19th-century mathematician, see Oliver Byrne (mathematician).
Oliver Byrne
Born (1944-07-26) 26 July 1944 (age 70)
Dublin, Ireland

Oliver Byrne (26 July 1944 in Dublin – 26 August 2007) was formerly the CEO of Irish soccer club Shelbourne F.C.


In 1949, when he was five, his brother Joe brought him to see Shelbourne at their former ground in Milltown. At the time his father Andrew was chairman and controlling shareholder of Shelbourne. He was chairman from 1945 to 1956.

Ollie attended St. Josephs BNS Primary School in Terenure. While studying for a degree in Law in UCD, he played for UCD AFC but his asthma ruled soccer out as a career choice. He left college to work in the music industry, promoting new acts, such as Thin Lizzy and Skid Row (Irish band) and had a club on Mary Street. However, he soon returned to football and became involved in the workings of Shelbourne F.C., the club he supported since he was a boy.


Byrne was inducted on to the Shels board in 1976. Tony Byrne (footballer born 1940) took over the club in 1982 and it wasn't until 1986 that Ollie assumed control again.

An always controversial figure in 1976 Byrne left his stand seat in Tolka Park and smacked a referee who'd displeased him. The Football Association of Ireland suspended him for that for five years.

In January 1984, he sued Shelbourne Football Club Ltd for £21,000 Byrne had claimed he loaned the club.[1]

The following month Byrne was awarded £10,000 by the High Court.[2]

In May 1986, Byrne sued the Evening Herald and the Evening Press for libel when the papers falsely accused Byrne and a co accused of firearms offenses.[3]

In court, Byrne and a co accused were convicted of receiving stolen cigarettes and had been sentenced to three years at Shelton Abbey Prison. They were each awarded £2000.[4]


In September 2001, he was involved in an incident with Derry City F.C. fans over a banner about former player Peter Hutton.[5]

When the clubs played again in November the game was held up 35 minutes as Byrne argued over a clash of shirts. [6]


In 2002, the Paul Marney affair saw Shels in the High Court (Ireland) when the players' "improper" registration for St. Patrick's Athletic ended in a court case which left the Inchicore club docked 15 points for further irregularities.

This was Byrne's third trip to Dublin District Court in 4 years. In 2002 he was fined €100 for running a teenage disco in Tolka Park without a license.


In March 2003, Byrne was charged with public order offences after confronting St Patrick's Athletic fans.[7]


In May 2005, Byrne wrongly accused Shamrock Rovers fans of orchestrating trouble at the 2005 Setanta Sports Cup Final[8]

In June 2005, he needlessly got involved in a fight with Roddy Collins.[9]

In August 2005, Byrne got involved in an altercation with the Drogheda United photographer.[10]


In November 2006, a charge of assault against Byrne was struck out after Collins accepted his apology in court.[11]


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