Oliver Ellsworth Buckley

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Oliver Ellsworth Buckley
Oliver E. Buckley.jpg
Born (1887-08-08)August 8, 1887
Sloan, Iowa
Died December 14, 1959(1959-12-14) (aged 72)
Newark, New Jersey
Residence United States
Nationality American
Fields Electrical engineering
Notable awards IEEE Edison Medal (1954)

Oliver Ellsworth Buckley (August 8, 1887 – December 14, 1959]]) was an American electrical engineer known for his contributions to the field of submarine telephony.


He received the IEEE Edison Medal for "contributions to the science and art which have made possible a transatlantic telephone cable; for wise leadership of a great industrial laboratory; for outstanding services to the government of his country".

Buckley, along with his colleagues at AT&T H. D. Arnold and Gustav Elmen (the discoverer of permalloy), is responsible c.1915 for a method of constructing submarine cable using permalloy tape wrapped around the copper conductors. This construction greatly improves the loading performance of the cable.[1]

The Oliver E. Buckley Condensed Matter Prize is named in his honor.

Buckley was the president of Bell Labs from 1940 to 1950 and then chairman of the board from 1951 until his retirement in 1952.


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