Olivier Danvy

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Olivier Danvy
Olivier Danvy ICFP 2008.jpg
Known for Partial evaluation, continuations

Olivier Danvy is a French computer scientist specializing in programming languages, partial evaluation, and continuations at the University of Aarhus in Denmark.

He is notable for the number of scientific papers which acknowledge his help. Writing in Nature, editor Declan Butler reports on an analysis of acknowledgments on nearly one third of a million scientific papers and reports that Danvy is "the most thanked person in computer science".[1]

Danvy himself is quoted as being "stunned to find my name at the top of the list", ascribing his position to a "series of coincidences": he is multidisciplinary, is well traveled, is part of an international PhD programme, is a networker, and belongs to a university department with a long tradition of having many international visitors.[1]


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