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Ollie, a shortened form of Oliver, Olivia or Olga may refer to the following:


  • Ollie Canning (born 1977), Irish hurling player
  • Ollie Clarke, a British association footballer
  • Ollie Dobbins, American football player
  • Oliver Hardy (1892–1957), American comic actor best known for his partnership with Stan Laurel as Laurel and Hardy
  • Ollie Johnston, a Disney animator, one of the famed "Nine Old Men"
  • Ollie Marquardt (1902–1968), major league baseball player and minor league manager
  • Oliver North, military figure and political commentator
  • Oliver Riedel ("Ollie" Riedel), German musician, most notably with the band Rammstein
  • Ollie Satenstein (1906-1959), American football player
  • Ollie Walsh (1937–1996), Irish hurling goalkeeper
  • Kevin Ollie (born 1972), American basketball player and coach
  • Nickname of Ian Holloway, association football manager
  • Oliver Hardy, American comic actor famous for being one half of Laurel and Hardy

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Ollie, on the television show Kukla, Fran and Ollie
  • Ollie Williams, a minor character on Family Guy
  • Ollie, a minor character on Nick Jr's The Wonder Pets
  • Ollie Fliptrik, the main character in an eponymous comic strip about skateboarders
  • Ollie, the mascot of one of Singapore television channel Okto
  • Ollie Bogwhistle, a character mentioned in Matilda by Roald Dahl

Other uses[edit]