Oman–Pakistan relations

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Pakistan-Oman relations
Map indicating locations of Pakistan and Oman



Oman–Pakistan relations are warm and cooperative.[1] Oman has an embassy in Islamabad and a Consulate-General in Karachi, whereas Pakistan has an embassy in Muscat.

Oman is the nearest Arab country to Pakistan. 30% of Omanis are of Balochi origin from Pakistan's Balochistan province, having settled in Oman over a hundred years ago.[citation needed] Gwadar was formerly part of Oman but was sold to Pakistan on 8 September 1958. It was integrated within Balochistan on 1 July 1977 and became a full sub-division of the Gwadar District.[citation needed] There are over 85,000 Pakistani immigrants resident in Oman.[citation needed]

Oman and Pakistan cooperate economically, with bilateral trade of $331 million as of 2008-2009.[2] The Pakistan-Oman Joint Investment Company promotes trade between Oman and Pakistan.[3] The countries also cooperate militarily, with joint exercises and defence procurement.[2]

Oman on Kashmir[edit]

Politically, Oman has been supportive of India on international fora on issues such as Kashmir and it supports India's bid for permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council.[4] As Pakistan is a part of the Uniting for Consensus group.


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