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Omar S. Amanat is an American who has worked as an entrepreneur in the online trading industry, the media industry and the luxury hospitality industry.


He worked at startup online trading firm Datek Online.[1] which was acquired by Ameritrade for $1.3 Billion in 2002. Afterward, he moved to Texas and partnered with Philip Berber on a prototype online trading system called Cyber-Block,[2] which was acquired by Charles Schwab for $488 million in 2000, before moving to New York to start Tradescape.[1] In 2002, E*Trade acquired Tradescape for $276 million.[3] As a result of his work in the online trading industry, he was named one of Wall Street's "Top Ten Most Influential Technologists".[2]

Involvement in Entertainment Industry[edit]

Amanat is a shareholder of The Twilight Saga studio Summit Entertainment, via a 20% ownership stake in Peak Group Holdings.[4] Brent Lang of The Wrap called him "the most powerful person in Hollywood you've never heard of".[4] Summit was acquired by Hunger Games studio Lions Gate for $912.5 million and Peak became one of its largest shareholders.[5]


Amanat worked as a spokesman for Bridges TV before its debut,[6] where he advocated for Muslims to undo negative misperceptions of themselves in media.[7] He co-founded a film fund affiliated with the United Nations called the Alliance of Civilizations Media Fund[8] Amanat commissioned Harvard Medical School to research the physiological effects on minorities who watch images of violence being perpetrated on fellow minorities.[9][10]

He sits on the Board of Malaria No More[2] and has been an executive producer of films including The Visitor,[11] Darfur Now,[11] Smart People,[11] and The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.[11]

Aman Resorts[edit]

Amanat is the founder and Chairman of Peak Hotels & Resorts Limited and Aman Resorts Group Limited (ARGL) a joint venture between Amanat and Aman founder Adrian Zecha, which purchased luxury hotel and resort chain Aman Resorts from DLF for $360 million on February 10, 2014 as part of an investment group that included majority owner Russian Businessman Vladislav Doronin.[12]


On July 14, 2014 A feud between two partners for control of the superluxury hotel operator Amanresorts International Pte. Ltd. took a turn after a London judge reached a decision on Monday that one of the partners, Russian property tycoon Vladislav Doronin, must step down as chief executive. Tensions boiled over in May when Mr. Doronin said that the company's founder and chief executive, Adrian Zecha, was stepping down. Mr. Doronin said he would assume the role of CEO. The ruling from a London High Court reinstates Mr. Zecha, 81 years old, as chief executive. Mr. Amanat alleged that Mr. Doronin didn't have board approval to remove Mr. Zecha and brought the case for the U.K.-incorporated company to court in London.The judge's decision, which was reviewed on Monday by The Wall Street Journal, was a victory for Omar Amanat. [2] In response, July 16, 2014 Vladislav Doronin filed a lawsuit in New York against Mr Omar Amanat and Peak Venture Partners LLC claiming fraudulent conduct relating to the acquisition of the Aman Group Ltd. According to the complaint Mr Amanat secretly used Mr Doronin's money to pay millions of dollars of Mr Amanat's own obligations.[3]