Omar Iman Abubakar

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Sheikh Omar Iman Abubakar, (Somali: Cumar Iimaan Abuukar), also known as Abu Bakar,[1] was the chairman of the Somali Islamist insurgent group Hisbi Islam, which was formed in 2009 to fight Sharif Ahmed's government. Abu Bakar is a high-ranking official in Hassan Dahir Aweys' Eritrean based faction of the Alliance for the Reliberation of Somalia.[2] He was previously vice president of the Majlis Al-Shura Council.[3]

On March 24, opposition in Hizbul Islam, led by Yusuf Mohammed Siad Inda'ade denounced Omar Iman as their leader and said he had been replaced by Sheikh Mohamed Hassan Ahmed, another Islamic cleric. However, Hassan Dahir Aweys, the groups most powerful figure, rejected the claims made by Indo Ade that Sheikh Omar Iman had been removed as chairman. He was quoted as saying "No one can take authority away from Sheikh Omar Iman, because the group [Hizbul Islam] appointed him as chairman."[4] Prior to this Sheikh Omar Iman had denied that Indho Ade was the group's defence secretary.[5]

This has led to Hizbul Islami dividing in two, with one group led by Indho Ade and the other led by Hassan Aweys (with Omar Iman as chairman).[6][6]