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Omar Rahsaan Wilson is an American R&B artist from Norwalk, Connecticut. He has been performing since the age of six, where his solo performances at Norwalk’s Calvary Baptist Church brought response from the audience. “When I sang solo gospel numbers, I would see the adults in the audience crying, just brought to tears. As a kid, I did not understand what was happening or how my voice was having this effect on people.”-Omar Wilson November 2010. As a teenager, Omar Wilson performed as a group member of Lost Souls, using his keen sense of rhyme to develop skills in both rap and hip-hop, as he attracted the attention of many locally. Ending up in North Carolina with his group The Lost Souls. He dropped an album with music legend, Mike City who worked on the Jamie Fox Album.

Omar has captivated audiences and has wowed his way to three time Apollo winner since 2007 and maintained his victory upon becoming Best R&B Male of the Year for both 2008 and 2009 at the Underground Music Awards held at BB Kings in NYC. Omar also performed the National Anthem at Mohegan Sun Casino during the live broadcast of a TKO boxing event. He also performed his songs as the fight crowd started to gather.

Omar released his 1st record nationally after going single into the RnB genre instead of performing the chorus for his Group his first track was "Get to Know You Better" featuring platinum recording artist Angie Stone. Omar first mixtape "Pieces of The Product" was a great street indie release. In the summer of 2011, Omar followed up and released a second mixtape entitled "The Product". Now Mr. Wilson is working on a worldwide album coming soon. The first single was released May 10, 2012 called Never Again. The video is on YouTube and has garnished some attention.

His fans are wondering what is next for the silky voiced RnB act. Recently Omar Wilson has been working with Mega Superstar and troubled artist DMX. They have calibrated and created a new track called "Faith!" The reviews are in and here are a few.

“Faith,” Omar Wilson f/DMX North Carolina-based singer/songwriter Omar Wilson’s new offering “Faith” is positioned to propel the three-time Apollo winner to the mass appeal he has long deserved. With its classic soul instrumental palette and a gritty, passion-soaked vocal that would make Otis Redding mighty proud, the song offers a joyous universal message of hope, as Wilson sings, “You need a little faith, turn nothin’ into something/Even when you put in that time, you gotta keep on hustlin’/With a little bit of love, the world will keep on turnin’.” Add a fire-and-brimstone rap from platinum superstar DMX and “Faith” is primed to shine.--

Entertainment journalist Chuck Taylor worked for more than a decade at Billboard magazine as a Senior Editor/Writer and Single Reviews Editor.

The Internet bloggers and the 'blogshpere' has Omar updating his social media presence as well. With the release of 'Faith' fans are expecting a great sound and the comments are promising such as...

If this were 1999, this would be one of the biggest hits on radio: homogenous R&B/Rap collaboration, melody, and hard-edged, personal revelations from Earl Simmons. Omar Wilson cranks out an inspirational, uplifting tune, while DMX gives it some texture talking about growing up too fast, and claiming that he wants the streets to “raise” him, or champion him once more. This is one of the most lucid, and well-recorded X moments in the last few years.[1]

Latest news on DMX is he is still struggling with his finances and he claims to be in a good place (as seen on Dr Phil 9-2013) see it on YouTube now, but DMX attempts to revive his career and with the help of Omar Wilson it may happen. The fans have spoken and still adore DMX.

Though signed to an indie label and is hard at work placing records and ghost writing for artist he has faith that the spotlight will be on him soon and get a major label to co-sign his transition to stardom. Omar Wilson is happy to keep working and will give the fans more of what they want. You can follow Omar Wilson anytime on twitter and Facebook and get first hand information on his where about and on going efforts to create a bigger fan base.


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