OmpA-like transmembrane domain

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OmpA-like transmembrane domain
1qjp opm.png
Symbol OmpA_membrane
Pfam PF01389
Pfam clan CL0193
InterPro IPR000498
SCOP 1bxw
TCDB 1.B.6
OPM superfamily 26
OPM protein 1qjp

OmpA-like transmembrane domain is an evolutionarily conserved domain of bacterial outer membrane proteins. This domain consists of an eight-stranded beta barrel.[1] OmpA is the predominant cell surface antigen in enterobacteria found in about 100,000 copies per cell.[2] The expression of OmpA is tightly regulated by a variety of mechanisms. One mechanism by which OmpA expression is regulated in Vibrio species is by an antisense non-coding RNA called VrrA.[3]

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