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Omphalophobia (from the Greek ὀμφαλός - omphalos, "navel"[1] and φόβος - phobos, "fear"[2]) is the fear of bellybuttons.[3][4] Refers to one being afraid of having one's bellybutton touched or tugged on by oneself or by other people. It is also the fear of seeing other people touch their own bellybutton.[5] Most of the afflicted are able to look upon an untouched bellybutton but become extremely uncomfortable, nauseated, and anxious when one is being touched, especially their own.[6] Sometimes linked to the feeling of an umbilical cord still being linked to the internal organs.[7] Others may become nauseated from just a picture of a navel. As for most phobias extensive therapy or medication can be very effective of relieving the anxiety that comes with the phobia.[8]


  • Singer Jenny Frost is a celebrity who suffers from this fear. She is quoted saying "I don't like anybody touching my belly-button and it's like I will vomit on you if you touch my belly-button, plus I find it painful. It's not a funny thing, I'm not joking I don't like belly-buttons at all".[9][10]
  • Television personality and "actress" Khloe Kardashian admitted that she had fear about her belly button. She is quoted as saying,"Whales are disgusting and belly buttons are disgusting. I get chills every time I touch my belly"[11]
  • Czech model Daniela Peštová admitted that she hates her bellybutton being touched. For an interview for the July 1999 edition of Stuff, she was quoted as saying,"But my belly button is extremely sensitive—I hate having it touched. It’s almost physical pain. It wouldn’t stop things if we were getting hot and heavy, but it would be a place to avoid."[12][13]
  • Kari Nautique, a model who appeared in Playboy magazine in 2010, is another celebrity who suffers from this fear, She is quoted saying "I would rather have a root canal than: Have someone touch my belly-button. I actually have a strong phobia of anything touching my belly-button–it's called omphalophobia."[14]
  • Michael Carson, Kingsbridge Community College, also feels repulsed when people touch his belly button and will retaliate if someone pranks him and touches his belly button.

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