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Omuo is a town in Ekiti State, Nigeria. Omuo Ekiti (omuo for short), town in southwestern Nigeria, is located in the eastern part of Ekiti state. Omuo is about 75 km from Ado Ekiti, the Ekiti State capital. Based on the Local Government System now practised in Nigeria, the Town is currently the headquarters of Ekiti-East Local Government which has towns and villages such as Ilasa, araromi Oke, Ikun-oba, Eda-Ile and Isinbode. The town is a trading point for the production of cassava and yam in the surrounding area. The paramount traditional ruler of Omuo kingdom is the Olomuo of Omuo Kingdom Oba Noah Omonigbehin, Okinbaloye II while the Elekota of Omuo controls Kota namely Isaya, bolorunduro, Oda-ipona e.t.c quarters. The Olomuo have several other chiefs administering the various Quarters. The Quarters in Omuo include Iludofin, Oda-odo,Iworo,Ilisa, Ekurugbe, Ijero, Ahan, Oya,oruju,Edugbe, etc. Omuo is famous throughout West Africa for its the then witch craft. The town is located in the Yoruba cultural region and has a substantial Christian, Jehovah Witness and Muslim population with several Churches, worshipping halls and mosques. Population as of 2006 was over 120,000. The postal code of the area is 370 Education Omuo is home to several educational institutions in ekiti State. Notable among which are; Omuo Comprehensive high School,Omuo and so many government and private-owned Primary and Secondary Schools. MarketsIkare Omuo is one of chief commercial towns in Ekiti state with several industrial base and markets which include; Oja-Obadore Market, omuo community Market Kota, and several other markets in adjoining villages. It is a super city for successful transportation business especially by private individuals. Inter Ethnic Relationships Omuo though basically a Yoruba ethnic Omuo, is also a convergent place in Ekiti State for many ethnic groups in Nigeria namely Igbo,Hausa, Fulani, Ijaw,and so on. The friendly disposition of its natives to visitors and holiday makers, from time immemorial, is perhaps responsible for the growing number of settlers in the town. Festival Omuo has a rich cultural heritage with exciting festivals every year. The popular Ayan festival at Iludofin quarter is one of the chief festival in omuo which is celebrated every year. On this day, Iludofin sons and daughters both home and abroad come together to celebrate festival. Islamic festivals such as Eid-Maulud, Eid Fitr, Eid Kabir as well as Christian festivals such as Christmas, Easter and also the New Year Festival every January 1 are celebrated with funfair in Omuo. All these point to the fact that Omuo is a secular town.