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"On Iowa" is one of three fight songs currently used by the University of Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band along with the Iowa Fight Song and Roll Along Iowa. The lyrics were written W.R. Law in 1919.

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On Iowa proudly at the fore
On Iowa on for evermore
Ev'ry loyal son will give
A Rousing toast to you
Ev'ry loyal daughter loves you true
On Iowa with your wealth untold
A heritage to us you did unfold
Love of family, love of friend
Love of country too
Makes us proud for what you stand
Our Dear Old Gold.
Iowa! Iowa!
Iowa! Iowa!
Fight, Iowa, never, never yield
Fight, Iowa, fight right down the field
Get in the game and watch the ball
Be a fighting Man
Hit 'er hard, give Iowa all you can.
Fight, Iowa, you'll be sure to hold
We're with you with the pep
And love of old.
Fight for family, Fight for friend
Fight for country too
But fight hard today and win
For Dear old Gold.

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