Onan (film)

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Directed by Shyam Madhavan Sarada
Produced by Wannabe Studios
Written by Shyam Madhavan Sarada
Ramar Ramamoorthy
Starring Ramar Ramamoorthy
David W. Williams
Kabirdas Madhavan
Kalloori Kamatchi
Dawn Akemi
Heera Selvaraj
Music by Various
Cinematography Shyam Madhavan Sarada
Edited by Shyam Madhavan Sarada
Wannabe Studios
Release date(s)
  • 11 October 2009 (2009-10-11)
Running time 95 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget $7,000

Onan (Tamil: ஓணான்) (English literal translation:Chameleon) is a 2009 action thriller film. It is the debut film of writer/director Shyam Madhavan Sarada.[1]

The Tamil/English guerrilla film was shot in the Indian cities of Chennai and Kochi with a mainly amateur cast. (Incomplete)



Onan features an ensemble cast and marks the feature debut of Ramar Ramamoorthy, David W. Williams and Kabirdas Madhavan as actors. Onan also features Kollywood actors Kaamatchinadhan and Heera Selvaraj. Actor Dawn Akemi appears in an Indian movie for the first time.


Onan was an official selection at the Global Cinema Festival 2009, and featured in the "Vista India" section.[2]


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