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Once station with Siemens-Schuckert formations

Once is a station on Line H of the Buenos Aires Underground[1] and is located at the intersection of Pueyrredón and Rivadavia avenues in the neighbourhood of Balvanera. From here, passengers may transfer to the Plaza Miserere station on line A and, through it, transfer to the Sarmiento Railway for suburban and long distance services.

The station was inaugurated on two occasions. The civil engineering was inaugurated 31 May 2007, but the opening for passenger service was held on 18 October 2007 together with the Humberto I, Venezuela, Caseros and Inclán stations.

The Studio of Architects Berdichevsky-Cherny participated In the design of the station.

Once station underground hallways to connect with line A at Plaza Miserere station

Línea H, pasillo para combinar con línea A en estación Once (Buenos aire, noviembre 2008).jpg

Línea H, pasillo para combinar con línea A en estación Once 02 (Buenos aires, noviembre 2008).jpg

Línea H, escaleras en estación Once (Buenos Aires, noviembre 2008).jpg

Línea H, Cuadros en la estación Once (Buenos Aires, noviembre 2008).jpg


Preceding station   Buenos Aires Metro   Following station
Línea H (SBA).svg Line H
Transfer to: Línea A (SBA).svg Plaza Miserere
toward Hospitales


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Coordinates: 34°36′33″S 58°24′22″W / 34.60917°S 58.40611°W / -34.60917; -58.40611