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"Once TV" redirects here. For the state-owned station in Colima known as Once TV Conexión, see XHAMO-TV.
Canal Once
Type Terrestrial television and cable network
Country Mexico and United States
Owner Instituto Politécnico Nacional
Launch date
March 2, 1959
Former names
Once TV/Once TV México (1996-2013)
Official website

Canal Once (Channel Eleven; formerly Once TV México), is a Mexican educational broadcast television network owned by Instituto Politecnico Nacional. The network's flagship station is XEIPN channel 11 in Mexico City. It broadcasts across Mexico through local television affiliates, cable television, and free-to-air satellite. The network is also available in the United States via satellite from DirecTV and also various cable outlets on "Latino" or "Spanish" tiers. Most of its programs are also webcast through the Internet, though its programming is not the same as the actual aerial or satellite signal.


The network began broadcasting on March 2, 1959, when its flagship station became the first non-profit educational and cultural television station in Mexico, owned and operated by a Mexican institution of higher education.[1] The television channel was conceived by Alejo Peralta y Díaz, Director of the National Polytechnic Institute (1956–1959), and supported by Eugenio Méndez Docurro, Director of the National Polytechnic Institute (1959–1962), Walter Cross Buchanan, Secretary of Communications and Transportation, and Jaime Torres Bodet, Secretary of Public Education.[1][2] Its first broadcast was a mathematics class transmitted from a small television studio located at the Casco de Santo Tomás, in the northern part of Mexico City.[1] In 2013, Once TV México returned to its original name of Canal Once as part of a branding refresh.[3]



  • Once Noticias Con Javier Solorzano: 6:02AM–8:30AM
  • Once Noticias Con Irma Pérez Lince: 2:00PM–2:30PM
  • Once Noticias Con Adriana Pérez Cañedo: 9:00PM–10:00PM and 12:30AM–1:30AM


  • Once Noticias Con Marco Antonio: 7:00PM–7:30PM


Canal Once has won many national and international prizes, including the following:

Golden Prize T 08 for Program Promotion: "Violencia Doméstica"
Golden Prize T 10 for Special Event Program Promotion: "Violencia Doméstica"
Silver Prize T 08 for Program Promotion: "Diálogos en confianza" (Talk show)
Silver Prize T 27 for Non-Promotional Animation: " Master of lounge music "
  • Promax BDA World Gold Awards 2004, New York, U.S.:
Gold 56 for Consumer Topical Advertising: "Pasión por la Naturaleza "
Silver 4 for Topical Print: "Tour de cine francés"
Silver 65 for Poster: "Tour de cine francés"
Silver 69 for Illustration for Print: "Pasión por la Naturaleza "
Bronze 13 for Open: "Violencia Familiar"
Bronze 16 for Art Direction & Design, Topical Promo: " Diálogos en Confianza "
  • I Festival Internacional de Documentales de Madrid 2004, Madrid, Spain:
Jury's Special Mention for "Series del Once"


Canal Once has an extensive transmitter network owned by the IPN that is supplemented by the SPR transmitter network, as well as by the four stations in the state network of Quintana Roo, the Sistema Quintanarroense de Comunicación Social. SQCS rebroadcasts many Canal Once programs and adds its own local productions.

The following is a list of all full-time Canal Once affiliates:[4][5]

CH Callsign City of License A Power DT DT Power Owner / Operator
XHTJB Tijuana, Baja California  • 46  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
20 XHCHU Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua 63 kW  •  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
20 XHCHD Delicias, Chihuahua 254 kW  •  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
20 XHCHI Chihuahua, Chihuahua 245 kW  •  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
13 XHSCE Saltillo, Coahuila 9 kW  •  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
7 XHGPD Torreon, Coahuila 32  •  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
11 XEIPN Mexico, Distrito Federal 324 kW 33.1 Instituto Politecnico Nacional
34 XHDGO Durango, Durango 29 kW  •  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
7 XHGDP Gomez Palacio, Durango 32 kW  •  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
12 XHOPCE Celaya, Guanajuato 59 kW 20.1 Organismo Promotor de Medios Audiovisuales
38 XHOPLA León, Guanajuato 111 kW 34.1 Organismo Promotor de Medios Audiovisuales
27 XHOPGA Guadalajara, Jalisco 110 kW 43.1 Organismo Promotor de Medios Audiovisuales
7 XHVBM Valle de Bravo, México .5 kW  •  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
45 XHOPMO Morelia, Michoacán 45 kW 44.1 Organismo Promotor de Medios Audiovisuales
6 XHCIP Cuernavaca, Morelos 5 kW  •  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
47 XHOPMT Monterrey, Nuevo León 133 kW 51.1 36 kW Organismo Promotor de Medios Audiovisuales
2 XHOPOA Oaxaca, Oaxaca 41 kW 35.1 Organismo Promotor de Medios Audiovisuales
38 XHOPPA Puebla, Puebla 118 kW 30.1 Organismo Promotor de Medios Audiovisuales
5 XHNQR Cancún, Quintana Roo 14 kW  •  • Gobierno de Quintana Roo
9 XHCZQ Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo 2 kW  •  • Gobierno de Quintana Roo
4 XHSLP San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi 6 kW  •  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
5 XHSIN Culiacan, Sinaloa 10 kW  •  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
11 XHSIM Los Mochis, Sinaloa 10 kW  •  • Instituto Politecnico Nacional
35 XHOPHA Hermosillo, Sonora 174 kW 27.1 Organismo Promotor de Medios Audiovisuales
30 XHOPTA Tampico, Tamaulipas 77.5 kW 35.1 Organismo Promotor de Medios Audiovisuales
31 XHOPCA Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz 81 kW 46.1 Organismo Promotor de Medios Audiovisuales
34 XHOPXA Xalapa, Veracruz 251 kW 35.1 Organismo Promotor de Medios Audiovisuales
5 XHOPME Merida, Yucatán 90 kW 23.1 Organismo Promotor de Medios Audiovisuales


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