Once Upon a Girl

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Once Upon a Girl
Once Upon a Girl.jpg
Theatrical release poster.
Directed by Don Jurwich
Produced by Don Jurwich
Written by Don Jurwich
Starring Richmond Johnson
Carol Piacente
Kelly Gordon
Hal Smith
Frank Welker
Music by Martin Slavin
Concelation a Girl, Inc.
Tommy J. Productions
Distributed by Severin Films
Release date(s) June 20, 1976
Running time 80 min
Country USA
Language English

Once Upon a Girl is a 1976 X-rated live-action/animated film written, produced, and directed by Don Jurwich. It was animated by a group of animators who had worked for Disney, according to the director in an interview included with the DVD release. The film was released in some theaters and did not lose money.


A lewd old lady claiming to be Mother Goose (Hal Smith) has been put on trial for obscenity due to telling the "true versions" of famous fairy tales. Her evidence is presented as a collection of pornographic animated shorts, those of Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood.

The story begins with the aforementioned Jack and the Beanstalk. Jack (and his pet frog) is first seen peeping on a large-breasted buxom milk maiden, who is sitting below him playing with herself and squeezing her big breasts. Jack is in a tree, and is staring right down at her huge bodacious breasts. Before long, Jack's frog jumps into the woman's cleavage, and she jumps up and bounces her breasts around. She stops when the frog immediately starts to suck on her stiff and erect nipples. Pleased by the suckling of her breasts, she begins to nurse the frog, and keeps nursing on her, sucking the milk out of her breasts. while sucking, the frog often stretches, pulls, and tugs on the nipple for more of the woman's booty joot.


  • Hal Smith - Mother Goose (live action segments)
  • Frank Welker - Jack/Fairy Godmother/Prince/additional voices
  • Richmond Johnson
  • Carol Piacente
  • Kelly Gordon

Home Video[edit]

On November 14, 2006, Severin Films released Once Upon a Girl on DVD. The DVD features the uncut version, as Severin surrendered the original X rating for an unrated video release.

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