Once Upon a Time... Space

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Once Upon a Time… Space
Created by Albert Barillé
Developed by Procidis
Voices of Roger Carel
Annie Balestra
Vincent Ropion
Alain Dorval
Composer(s) Michel Legrand
Country of origin France/Japan
No. of episodes 26
Running time 26 minutes
Original channel FR3, Fuji TV (Japan)
Picture format SECAM (576i)
Original airing 1982
Preceded by Once Upon a Time… Man (1978)
Followed by Once Upon a Time… Life (1987)
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Once Upon a Time… Space (French: Il était une fois… l'Espace) is a French/Japanese animated TV series from 1982, directed by Albert Barillé.

The series was animated in Japan by the animation studio Eiken, and is thus considered to be anime as it also aired on Japanese TV, albeit not until 1984, under the title Ginga Patrol PJ (銀河パトロールPJ, Galaxy Patrol PJ). In contrast to the show's success in the West, the series' Japanese broadcast was consigned to an early-morning time slot and attracted little attention.[1]


Once Upon a Time... Space differs from the rest of the Once Upon a Time titles in the sense that the series revolve on a dramatic content rather than an educational premise. The series still has a handful of educational information (such as an episode discussing the rings of the planet Saturn).

The series succeeds Once Upon a Time... Man. It reprises almost the entire totality of the characters of the previous series and adapts them into a science-fiction context. It features the adventures of Peter (son of colonel Pierre and president Pierrette) and his friend Psi.

The story tells about the confrontation of many big galactic powers. Among them there is the Omega Confederation (of which Earth is a member), the military republic of Cassiopeia (led by the general The Pest) and a powerful supercomputer which controls an army of robots. A group of super powerful creatures called the Humanoids later appear in the series.


  • Colonel PierreRoger Carel
  • President PierretteAnnie Balestra
  • Lieutenant/Captain PeterVincent Ropion
  • Psi (Mercedes) … Annie Balestra
  • Positronic brain android Métro … Roger Carel
  • Commander JumboAlain Dorval
  • Petit Gros
  • Grand Ordinateur
  • Professor Maestro … Roger Carel
  • 20th century Maestro
  • General The Pest … Alain Dorval
  • The Dwarf … Roger Carel


The French illustrator Philippe Bouchet (better known as Manchu) worked on some of the spacecraft and set designs.

Omega Confederation:

  • Flea
  • Hummingbird
  • Spider
  • Dragonfly
  • Blue bird
  • Omega Cruiser
  • Omega Shuttle
  • Cosmopolitan


  • Nautilus
  • Murene
  • Battle cruiser


  • Ursus


  1. The Planet Omega
  2. The Saurians
  3. The Green Planet
  4. Towards Andromeda
  5. The Cro-Magnons
  6. The Revolt of the Robots
  7. The Planet Mytho
  8. The Long Voyage
  9. In Cassiopea
  10. A Planet Blown to Pieces
  11. Shipwrecked in Space
  12. The Giants
  13. The Incas
  14. In the Land of the Dinosaurs
  15. The Rings of Saturn
  16. The Unstoppable Menace
  17. Earth
  18. Atlantis
  19. The Strange Return to Omega
  20. The Revenge of the Robots
  21. The Humanoids
  22. An Hostile World
  23. City in Flight
  24. The Great Computer
  25. The Battle of the Titans
  26. The Infinity of Space

Broadcast information[edit]

Country Television broadcasts
France France FR3 **
Finland Finland MTV3
Australia Australia SBS
Canada Canada CBC Television, Télévision de Radio-Canada **
Italy Italy RAI **
Greece Greece ERT
Spain Spain Televisión Española (TVE) **
Netherlands Netherlands Katholieke Radio Omroep (KRO) **
Switzerland Switzerland SSR (French)
Belgium Belgium RTBF, BRT
Argentina Argentina Crustel S.A. */**
Japan Japan Eiken Co. Ltd., aired on Fuji TV */**
Norway Norway NRK, Norsk Rikskringkasting
Germany West Germany WDR, SWF
Austria Austria ORF
Sweden Sweden SVT
Portugal Portugal RTP
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland RTÉ
Iceland Iceland Sjónvarpið
United Kingdom United Kingdom Channel 4
Israel Israel Logi
Poland Poland Telewizja Polska (TVP), TV Puls
South Africa South Africa SABC
Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan Television (TTV)
Hungary Hungary Minimax
Czech Republic Czech ČT1

* Production company
** Contributing co-producer


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