Once Upon a Time (2013 film)

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Once Upon A Time
Directed by Binu Sasidharan
Produced by Antony K. L.
Vipin Selvaraj
Manu V. Mathews
Written by Anil Perumbalam
Music by Bijibal
Release dates
  • 24 May 2013 (2013-05-24)
Running time 100 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam

Once Upon A Time is a 2013 Malayalam animated film directed by Binu Sasidharan and it holds the distinction of being the first and only animated feature film in Malayalam. For the first time in Indian cinema, animated models of real actors were created for a full length feature film with Salim Kumar and Mala Aravindan playing the voices of the lead roles. Once Upon a Time is the second regional language animated film to be created in India, the first being Hindi.

The film was produced by FX3 productions in association with VIPs International and the screenplay was written by Anil Perumbalam. Music director Bijibal composed five songs for the film as well as the original background score. The songs were rendered by Sujatha, Shweta Mohan and Rajesh Ravindran. The lyrics were penned by Dr. Valsala Vijayana and Anil Perumbalam.


This film's story is a classic example of magic realism. In the exposition, the main character, Rahul, is enchanted by a magic kingdom he has read about in a book he received from a sage. The adventures begin when Rahul and his toy, Kunjan, are accidentally and magically transported to a new world in a seemingly different dimension. This world mirrors the world in which the magic kingdom exists in the book Rahul read in the beginning of the film. Rahul is puzzled and decides to try to figure out where he and Kunjan have been transported. During his investigations, he is entangled in a great conflict between the evil forces of the Black Magician and a power hungry minister. Throughout the film, it is clear that Rahul must be the one to save the magic kingdom from these villains.


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