Onchon County

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Onchon County
Korean transcription(s)
 • Chosŏn'gŭl
 • Hancha
 • McCune-Reischauer Onch'ŏn-gun
 • Revised Romanization Oncheon-gun
DPRK2006 Pyongnam-Onchon.PNG
Country North Korea
State South Pyongan
Administrative centre Pyongsong
 • Total 772 km2 (298 sq mi)
Population (2008[1])
 • Total 149,851
 • Density 190/km2 (500/sq mi)

Onchon (Onch'ŏn kun) is a county in Nampo, the province of South Pyongan in North Korea.

Administrative districts[edit]

The district is split into one ŭp (village), five rodongjagu (worker districts) and 14 ri (towns).


  1. ^ Korean Central Bureau of Statistics: 2008 Population Census (Population 2008, published in 2009)

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