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One Double X – 1XX is a radio station based in Whakatane, New Zealand, operated by Radio Bay of Plenty Limited. The station began broadcasting to the Eastern Bay Of Plenty on 1240 kHz at 10:30 am on 30 June 1971. The original company name was Radio Whakatane Limited but changed to Radio Bay Of Plenty Limited in 1978 when the station's AM frequency also changed to 1242 kHz. In the mid-late 1970s 1XX 1240 was also known on air from time to time as Coastline Radio, Coastline One 24, Coastline 1-2-4, One 24 Double X or Coastline Double X. 1XX began broadcasting on 90.5 MHz at 12:12:12 pm on 12 December 1988. 1XX is heard throughout the Bay Of Plenty on 90.5 MHz & 1242 kHz, at Ōhope Beach on 92.9 MHz, 89.0 MHz in Te Puke and also streams on the web through the station's website -

Stations operated by 1XX[edit]

FM 90.7[edit]

In January 1982 1XX ran a short term station and the first FM stereo radio station in New Zealand, this station was called FM 90.7, FM 90.7 ran from 5 January until 31 January 1982 and only on the air from 4 pm to midnight. This station played different types of music each night such as Country Music on a Monday night, Classical Music on a Wednesday night and Top 40 Music on Saturday night. The programme was separate to the 1XX programme that continued to broadcast on AM, 1XX did not begin permanently broadcasting on FM until 1988. 1XX still operates as a completely local radio station today.

93 Splash FM[edit]

In Summer 1987/1988 1XX ran another summer FM station from Ōhope Beach – 93 Splash FM. Splash FM began broadcasting in December 1987 and ran to May 1988. The Splash FM programme was simulcast on 1XX between 7pm and 6am the next morning while Splash FM was on the air. During this time the Rock N Roll 500 was played.

Cadbury Moro FM[edit]

In Summer 1991/1992 99.3 Cadbury Moro FM was also run from Ōhope Beach by 1XX. The 1XX programme was played on Cadbury Moro FM between 11 pm and 6 am the next morning.

Bayrock 97.7FM[edit]

In summer 1993/1994 1XX ran an album rock format station - Bayrock 97.7FM. Bayrock went on the air on 26 December 1993 and ran to 6 February 1994. After many petitions, letters and phone calls Bayrock was brought back on a permanent basis on 8 July 1994. Bayrock still operates as a completely local radio station today. Bayrock is heard throughout the Bay Of Plenty on 97.7 MHz and at Ōhope Beach on 99.3 MHz. Bayrock also broadcasts into Wanaka in the South Island on 93.0 MHz and now streams online through the Bayrock Website –

92.9 Kiwi FM[edit]

Not to be confused with the Kiwi FM network stations operated by MediaWorks NZ. In September 2001 Radio 1XX started a small local station in Te Puke called 92.9 Kiwi FM as a short term station for the annual Kiwifruit Festival, the station went back on the air in September 2002 and 2003. A local breakfast show was broadcast to Te Puke residents between 6 am and 10 am and outside these times the 1XX programme was played. In November 2004 92.9 Kiwi FM went on the air permanently, with a local programme is run between 6 am and 6 pm Monday – Friday and 6 am – 10 am on Saturday and outside this time the 1XX programme was simulcast. Kiwi FM changed frequency to 89.0FM in early 2011 but shut down local operations on 27 May 2011 and now broadcasts the 1XX programme 24/7.

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