One Fine Day (book)

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One Fine Day
One Fine Day
Author Nonny Hogrogian
Illustrator Nonny Hogrogian
Country United States
Genre Children's picture book
Publisher Macmillan Publishers
Publication date

One Fine Day is a book by Nonny Hogrogian. Released by Macmillan, it was the recipient of the Caldecott Medal for illustration in 1972.[1]


The story , written by Hogrogian is a children’s picture book. The story is about a fox who steals a drink of milk and then loses his tail over the milk he drank. Through persistence and a willingness to work with others, this fox finally completes the task he was asked for and gets his tail back. The picture in the book make it more enjoyable to read. The fox repeating what he has to do in order to get his tail back makes it enjoyable and easy to follow along.


The cover art of the book shows the thirsty fox with his tail still attached. The fox never imagined that he would get his tail cut off for drinking milk that does not belong to him. The fox stops at nothing to get his tail back. The fox comes across many things. A cow who the fox begs for milk but the cow tells him to “bring him some grass”. The grass tells the fox to “bring me some water”. Everyone that the fox came in contact with in order to get his tail back also wants a favor. The fox told his tale to everyone he came in contact with in order for the woman to sow his tale back on. The tailless fox tried to complete the favors he came across but it was an obstacle because they all wanted something from the fox.


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