One Great Night on Earth

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One Great Night On Earth
OGNOE Logo.png
One Great Night On Earth
Location(s) Outside Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Years active 2009-current
Founded by Lyndel Moore
Date(s) 2013
Genre Classic rock
Website One Great Night On Earth

One Great Night On Earth is a music festival to be held in 2013.

The concept[edit]

Development of the festival began in April 2009 to raise funds to assist Australians in regions that have been devastated by natural disasters, particularly the Black Saturday bushfires which devastated 4,500 km² of Southern Victoria,[1] killed 173 and injured an additional 414.[2] The plan is for a ten-year series of one-day, twelve-hour festivals on 900 acres of private land near the You Yang National Park,[3] a 40-minute drive from the city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.[4]

Planning and preparation[edit]

In 2010 festival founder Lyndel Moore[5] contacted Chip Monck, the legendary[6] lighting director and stage manager of the original Woodstock Festival. Monck became the Director of Production for the festival and Co-Director of an associated production company and intends to create "a high tech version of the original Woodstock". He has been involved in site selection, planning the staging, lighting, sound and video aspects as well using his long list of industry contacts throughout the world to attract "...professionals that have far surpassed my work over the past 40 years."[7] Monck hopes the festival will "feature a classic rock feel, harnessing 'all the good stuff' from his long career."[8]

The original November 2011 date of the Festival proved too short a time frame to accomplish everything planned, coupled with the average rainfall levels of that month,[7] and the event was rescheduled for the first day of summer, 1 December 2012. On 19 October 2012, Moore confirmed that the event would be postponed. A report on FasterLouder stated that the new date would be "early to mid 2013, in Melbourne, Australia".[9]

The cause[edit]

100% of the ticket sales from the festival will go to the Fine Green Paddock foundation,[5] a federally registered, tax-deductible charity able to raise funds throughout Australia. The FGP foundation is a "necessitous circumstances" charity, disbursing funds to Australians affected by natural disasters, as required. The ticket price will not be deductible as the purchaser will get admission to the concert in exchange for their contribution.

The music[edit]

The musical line-up will feature "classic rock artists from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s in a picnic style setting". The promoters are actively seeking headlining artists and have traveled to the United States and Europe to do so.[3]


From the start, One Great Night On Earth has designated particular individuals as "Ambassadors" for the Festival and Foundation. Music promoter Barry Fey,[10] musician, songwriter and produce Al Kooper, Wishbone Ash guitarist Ted Turner, Australian television presenter Julia Zemiro[11] and rock biographer Harvey Kubernik are among the first.


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