One Man's War

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One Man's War
Directed by Sérgio Toledo
Produced by Ann Skinner
Written by Michael Carter
Sérgio Toledo
Starring Anthony Hopkins
Norma Aleandro
Fernanda Torres
Rubén Blades
Music by John E. Keane
Cinematography Rodolfo Sánchez
Edited by Laurence Méry-Clark
Channel 4, HBO, Skreba Films, TVS Films
Release dates 20 April 1991 (USA)
Running time 93 mins.[1]
Country UK
Language English

One Man's War is a 1991 television drama film set in Paraguay in 1976, under the dictatorship of General Alfredo Stroessner. It is based on the true story of Joel Holden Filártiga (played by Anthony Hopkins), who sought justice for his son's death at the hands of Stroessner's secret police. The film stops before Filártiga launches the landmark international law case of Filártiga v. Peña-Irala (1980).[1]


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