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In action films, a One Man Army is a heavily armed and well-trained soldier (e.g. see John Rambo, John Matrix, Matt Hunter or John McClane)

One Man Army may also refer to:



  • Simo Häyhä, better known as White Death, fought for Finland during the Winter War, holding a record for both most confirmed kills in any major war, and gaining rank faster than any other soldier in Finland's army
  • Jezper Söderlund, known as "One Man Army", a Swedish record producer
  • Arthur W. Wermuth, known as the One Man Army of Bataan for his actions against the Japanese in the Philippines
  • Pedro Francisco, Portuguese born soldier, known for his heroic feats against the British on the American Independence War, referred by George Washington as a "One Man Army".
  • Iron Man, a fictional comic book character who uses a power suit to fight much more effectively than a regular soldier.