One Man Wrecking Machine

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"One Man Wrecking Machine"
Single by Guster
from the album Ganging Up on the Sun
Released 2006
Format CD single
Genre Rock
Length 4:14(LP) 3:51(Single)
Label Reprise
Producer(s) Joe Pisapia, Jason Lehning
Guster singles chronology
"Manifest Destiny / Sorority Tears"
"One Man Wrecking Machine"
Ganging Up on the Sun track listing
"Manifest Destiny"
"One Man Wrecking Machine"
"The Captain"

"One Man Wrecking Machine" is the 4th song from Guster's 2006 album Ganging Up on the Sun.

The song was included for the soundtrack to the 2007 movie Disturbia, and was played at the closing scene. It was also featured in a second season episode of NBC series Life.

The puppets used in the song's video directed by Drew Lightfoot are made by Toronto-based Monster Factory.

The song features a theremin, an instrument that uses antennas to gauge proximity and translates proximity to pitch and volume.

Track listings[edit]

  1. "One Man Wrecking Machine"
  2. "Days"
  3. "Ruby Falls" (also appears on "Ganging Up on the Sun")
  4. "Two at a Time" (Demo Version)
  5. "Good Feeling" (Live)