One of Us (The 4400)

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"One of Us"
The 4400 episode
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 10
Directed by Scott Peters
Written by Michael Narducci
Craig Sweeny
Original air date August 19, 2007
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Daddy's Little Girl"
Next →
"Ghost in the Machine"

"One of Us" is the tenth episode of season four of the science fiction television series The 4400. The episode aired on August 19, 2007 on the USA Network.[1]


Tom and Diana look for Richard, but Tom is distracted by his dreams about the future. Meanwhile, Collier is threatened by Shawn's test that could determine who would die from a Promicin shot.


Rebecca Parrish, Director of National Intelligence, arrives in town displeased with NTAC's handling of the 4400 and promicin positives. She tells them that the failure to apprehend Richard Tyler and the founding of Promise City undermined NTAC's protection of American citizens.

Collier tells Shawn that he doesn't want Burkhoff's research to go forward and will not make an announcement to postpone taking promicin. He wants everyone to take promicin, because to him it would be better that those who cannot survive the shot be killed than live in the world as second class citizens without abilities. He asks for one generation of sacrifice, after which the human race will be fully evolved and there will be no more problems. Collier thus fulfilled Ryland's predictions in Mommy's Bosses, that the 4400 would kill everyone off and start over with a smaller, more evolved population.

Richard Tyler is arrested and incarcerated at NTAC. Cassie and Kyle passionately debate the decision to tell Tom where Isabelle was, and she warns him about Shawn and Kevin's work interfering with the mission. Tom secretly takes Isabelle to his house, where he tells her that they have to get her abilities back, and that she will deliver Collier to him.


  • Tom is finally taken over by "The Marked." It is confirmed that he is possessed by the same agent that controlled Matthew Ross.
  • Rebecca Parrish, Director of National Intelligence, is revealed as one of "The Marked."
  • Kevin Burkhoff is four months from determining who will live or die after taking promicin.
  • Isabelle is restored to adulthood. She is later captured by "Tom."
  • Cassie informs Kyle that Shawn Farrell must be dealt with.
  • Finally captured, Richard is placed on the promicin inhibitor and sent to prison.


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