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Type Private company
Industry Online marketplace
Founded 2011
Founder(s) Marcus Lim, Adam Dong
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Area served Australia, United Kingdom

Oneflare is an Australian-based local service marketplace for home services, that allows consumers and service providers to find each other and then negotiate jobs online.[1][2] Launched in January 2011 as,[2] and backed by Commercialisation Australia,[3] to date it has over 40,000 registered businesses, and has brokered over AU$25m worth of business.[4] Launched in the United Kingdom in late 2013, the company is scheduled to launch in Singapore in 2014.[5]


Developed by co-founders Marcus Lim and Adam Dong,[1] inspired by the SEEK online model the vision was to eventually replace Yellow Pages and the traditional online business directory model.[1][6] Built and launched on a self-invested initial budget of AU$40,000,[7] the interactive service was hence created to improve efficiency in hiring local service providers, with a transparent feedback system encouraging customers to leave online reviews and ratings.[2]

Launched in January 2011 as,[2][8] the system uses natural language processing to match every request to the right service provider.[9] In June 2011 the company launched an iPhone mobile application that allows users to measure physical objects with their iPhone, and then attach it as part of their job request.[10]

After gaining an AU$50,000 Skills and Knowledge grant from Commercialisation Australia to engage professional external advisors to raise investment capital, develop website architecture and procure professional legal advice,[3] the company subsequently raised AU$500,000 from external investors Grand Prix Capital, the Sydney Seed Fund and The Strategy Group.[5][11] The company was nominated for the 2013 Australian mobile awards.[12]

Presently Oneflare has over 40,000 registered businesses, and has brokered over AU$25m worth of home services jobs across Australia.[4][6] Launched in the United Kingdom in late 2013, the company is scheduled to launch in Singapore in 2014.[5]

Service process[edit]

Both consumers and commercial service providers register on the main website.[13] As part of the guarantee system, providers licensing, professional registration and insurance/indemnity are checked.[13]

Consumers can register for free a job/project, which is then sent to a number of the pre-approved contractors who service that location.[14] In addition to trades such as electricians, landscapers and roofers, the site lists 250 service categories,[11] including accountants, interior designers, cleaners, computer repairers and photographers.[15][16][17] Via the mobile applications, users can measure physical objects with their smart phone, and then attach it as part of their job request.[10] Real-time SMS and email updates are sent to customers and businesses alike.[9] The company then automatically sifts the quotations, and provides the consumer with the five lowest priced quotations, their verification status and past customer reviews.[13] The consumer then chooses their preferred provider, who is contracted directly through the website to complete the work.[13]

Utilising technology to deliver superior customer service,[9] should the provider not complete the work, or complete the work unsatisfactorily, then the company provides both a helpdesk and a guarantee, which will payout up to AU$500 to the consumer.[18]


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