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Oneida Creek is a small river in New York in the USA. The creek enters Oneida Lake at its southeast corner at a location known as South Bay, a bay of the lake. The name is derived from the Oneida tribe of the Iroquois.

The community of South Bay in the Town of Lenox is south of the mouth of the creek, and Verona Beach State Park is north of the mouth.

The creek forms part of the boundary between Madison County and Oneida County. The cities of Oneida and Sherrill are located along the lower part of the creek. The region of the river is known for the historic Oneida Community of the 19th Century. In the past the Erie Canal was closely associated with the creek until the canal was moved farther north.

The flow near the City of Oneida is about 300 cubic feet (8 m³) per second.

The Oneida River discharges the water from Oneida Lake from the western end.

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