Oneohtrix Point Never

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Oneohtrix Point Never
Oneohtrix Point Never, 8th March 2010.jpg
Oneohtrix Point Never performing in 2010
Background information
Birth name Daniel Lopatin
Origin Wayland, Massachusetts, United States
Genres Avant-garde, Electronic, drone, ambient, experimental, plunderphonics, vaporwave[1][2]
Instruments Synthesizer, sampler
Years active 2007–present
Labels No Fun, Editions Mego, Software Recording Co., Warp
Associated acts Tim Hecker + Daniel Lopatin, Ford & Lopatin, Chuck Person

Oneohtrix Point Never is the recording name of Brooklyn-based experimental musician Daniel Lopatin.[3][4] Lopatin's music has been described as "gentle eddies of sound",[5] and "like a cracked mirror refracting the sounds of the past".[6] Lopatin is a first-generation American, the son of Jewish[7] immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

Lopatin's album Returnal, released by Editions Mego in June 2010,[8] was placed at number 20 on Pitchfork Media's "The Top 50 Albums of 2010" list.[9]

Lopatin was chosen by Animal Collective to perform at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival that it curated in May 2011.[10]

Lopatin graduated from Hampshire College, where he worked with Christoph Cox and Daniel Warner, and earned a master’s degree in library and information science from Pratt Institute.[11]

He also runs the record label Software Recording Co., a subsidiary of Mexican Summer and Kemado Records.[12]

In 2013, Lopatin signed with Warp Records. His label debut, R Plus Seven, was released September 30, 2013 and was placed at number 24 on Pitchfork Media's "The Top 50 Albums of 2013" list.[13] He also is responsible for writing the score of the movie The Bling Ring together with Brian Reitzell. Additionally, two of his songs appear on the movie's soundtrack: Ouroboros (credited as Oneohtrix Point Never, previously released on Returnal), and Bling Ring Suite (credited as Brian Reitzell and Daniel Lopatin).[14]

He is often credited as a major pioneer in, or more frequently the creator of, the vaporwave genre, due to his pseudonymous 2010 album, Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1.



  • Betrayed In The Octagon (2007, Deception Island)
  • Transmat Memories (2008, Taped Sounds)
  • Zones Without People (2009, Arbor)
  • Russian Mind (2009, No Fun Productions)
  • Returnal (2010, Editions Mego)
  • Replica (2011, Mexican Summer/Software Recording Co.)
  • R Plus Seven (2013, Warp Records)


  • A Pact Between Strangers (2008)
  • Hollyr (2008)
  • Ruined Lives (2008)
  • Young Beidnahga (2009)
  • Scenes With Curved Objects (2009)
  • Dog in the Fog (2012)
  • Commissions I (2014)


Scoring work[edit]


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