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Onion Club (Traditional Chinese:洋蔥酷樂部) is a series of emoticons created by Taiwan artist Ethan, the contents are distributed with a Creative Common License.

Onion Club features a simple, expressive character named Onion-Tou (also known as Onion-kun) who is often depicted in with various exaggerated expressions.

The main character Onion-kun has spawn off a series of merchandise, including a brand sponsored by the Taiwanese Planned Parenthood Association.

The first company to bring the character outside Asia is KIWII LTD (New Zealand) with the mp4 player PASEN ONION1.


  • Abo (蔥寶): also known as Onion-Tou. Abo is the main character.
  • Meiya (蔥妹): also known as Onion-Mei. She is a close friend of Abo, almost girlfriend.
  • Greaser (古惑蔥): also known as Delinquent Scallion. He Greaser is the arch-enemy of Abo. Nothing much is known of him yet.
  • E (蔥E): also known as Ethan. E is the Onion Club artist showing himself in the manga.

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