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This article is about the musician, for the birth order see Only children.

Only Child is DJ and musician, Justin Crawford from Manchester, England. He was formerly a member of the English band New Fast Automatic Daffodils.

Only Child discography[edit]

  • Satellites & Constellations (29 May 2000, Cat. no: GCCD107)
  • Solitaire (23 Jun 2003, Cat. no: GCCD116)
A second version of Solitaire (GCCD116S) was released in October 2004 which included a second disc containing remixes.

The Unabombers discography[edit]

  • The Electric Chair – Basement Soul Music (2001, Cat. no: CHAIR001CD)
  • Saturday Night Sunday Morning – An Electric Chair Execution (2002, Cat. no: CHAIR002CD)
  • Electric Soul (8 September 2003, Cat. no: CHAIR003CD)
  • Electric Soul 2 (6 September 2004, Cat. no: CHAIR005CD)
  • Electric Soul: Summer Sessions (CHAIR010CD)

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