Onondaga Lake Park

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Onondaga Lake Park
Onondaga Lake Park.jpg
Onondaga Lake with the Syracuse skyline in the background
Location 6790 Onondaga Lake Trail on east shore of Onondaga Lake
Liverpool, New York
Coordinates 43°5′58″N 76°12′8″W / 43.09944°N 76.20222°W / 43.09944; -76.20222Coordinates: 43°5′58″N 76°12′8″W / 43.09944°N 76.20222°W / 43.09944; -76.20222

Onondaga Lake Park is located on the eastern shore of Onondaga Lake outside of Syracuse, New York at 6790 Onondaga Lake Trail in Liverpool.[1]

The park offers seven miles (11 km) of shoreline nooks and crannies that provide options for family picnics, including developed areas in Willow Bay and Cold Springs. It has long been the park of choice for many special events, sporting competitions and festivals and attracts over one million visitors each year.[1]

The park is also home to the Salt Museum and the East Shore Recreation Trail.[1]


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Onondaga Lake Park has a legacy of history reflecting 500 years of community growth and has long been the park of choice for many special events, sporting competitions and festivals.[1]

Park activities[edit]

Activities at the park include team sports, in-line skate lessons and bicycle-built-for-two rentals. Additionally, archery, boating, bikes and skates and kickball are popular activities in the park.[2] The park also has paved, vehicle free trails and offers free outdoor wireless internet in the Griffin Visitor Center area.[1]

There is a tram that shuttles visitors between the Willow Bay Cafe and the Salt Museum. The suggested admission is $1 per visitor and $1 per tram ride.[2]

Cold Springs mud lock[edit]

The Cold Springs Mud Lock, constructed in 1828, is located next to the old Erie Canal near a stone dust trail that leads to a small bridge over the lock. The Mud Lock was originally built out of wood, however, was rebuilt in 1836 using stone. The current lock was constructed by the Work relief program in the 1930s. At that time, the footbridge was also added.[3]

East shore recreation trail[edit]

Onondaga Lake Yacht Club in Onondaga Lake Park in 1907

The East Shore Recreation Trail is 2.5 miles (4.0 km) long and ends near the Wegmans Good Dog Park. The trail is located next to the Cold Springs entrance on NYS Route 370. Not far from the trail are the Syracuse University crew facilities and public crew and kayek launch.[1]

The trail is reserved for skaters and cyclists.[4]

Griffin visitor center[edit]

The Griffin Visitor Center is an information facility named after 1928 community leader, Joseph A. Griffin.[4]

Skate park[edit]

There is a 16,900-square-foot (1,570 m2) concrete Skate park for skateboarders, inline skaters as well as BMX. Some of the features include quarter pipes, grind rails, spines, hips and gaps to challenge every level of skater.[4]

Wegmans Good Dog park[edit]

The Wegmans Good Dog Park was the first of its kind in Central New York and is located in the Cold Springs Mud Lock[3] section of Onondaga Lake Park. It is open from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week year round.[1]

Entrance to the park is located at 49 Cold Springs Trail in Liverpool off NYS Route 370. There is a suggested donation of $1 per person at the main gate. The park is maintained with private donations.[1]

Onondaga Lake Yacht Club about 1910

Onondaga Lake Park marina[edit]

The Onondaga Lake Park Marina is located on Onondaga Lake Parkway in Liverpool.[2]

The marina has the lake's only paved public boat launch. Guests may dock their own, while rentals are also made available for up to a day of sailing.[4]

Salt Museum[edit]

Salt Museum on Onondaga Lake in Liverpool, New York about 1960

The Work relief program included the construction of the Salt Museum which was built around a "still standing" boiling block chimney. The museum opened in 1933 and is still in operation.[5] The museum is run by the Onondaga County Parks Department and is closed during the winter months.[6]

Park events[edit]

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