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Ontario Nature is a non-profit organization based in Toronto that promotes the preservation and conservation of natural areas in the Canadian province of Ontario. It was established in 1931 as the Federation of Ontario Naturalists, and changed its name in 2004 to "refresh its image".

There is a membership fee to join the organization, which has over 150 member groups and 30,000 members.[1][2]


Ontario Nature protects wild species and wild spaces through conservation, education and public engagement.[3][4][5][6]
It also maintains its own system of 24 nature reserves, totalling 2,400 hectares of some of Ontario's best remaining examples of imperiled and vulnerable habitats.[7]


  • Protect and restore nature in Ontario through the creation of parks and nature reserves, the responsible management of forests, and the protection of rare, threatened, and endangered species;[8][9][10]
  • Advocate on behalf of nature;[13]
  • Educate the public on the importance of nature in all of our lives.[14][15]

Ontario Nature has several priorities, among them: the preservation of northern wilderness; the protection of Ontario's southern forests and the species they support; restoring and maintaining populations of threatened species; and providing habitat for various species within their nature reserves.

Ontario Nature wants to increase the land classified as provincial park or protected area to between 15-20% of all public land, including old-growth ecosystems. It also supports community action to preserve woodlands. Moreover, it conducts original research on alvars to document their ecology and biodiversity, and to target sites for protection.


Ontario Nature produces several publications, including:

  • ON NATURE, an award-winning quarterly magazine,[16][17] formerly called Seasons
  • Reports, checklists, fact sheets, identification guides and toolkits[18]


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