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The Ontario and Quebec Railway (O&Q) was a historic Canadian railway located in eastern Ontario.


The railway had received a charter in 1881,[1] authorizing it to building a railway line between Perth and Toronto. It was effectively controlled by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), as 95% of the shares issued were held by persons connected with the CPR.

Through the O&Q, the CPR created its railway network in southern and eastern Ontario:[2]

  1. it amalgamated with the Credit Valley Railway,[3] which had also acquired a 999-year lease to a railway line from London Junction Railway.
  2. CP sold to O&Q its line from Perth to Smiths Falls
  3. O&Q leased from Toronto Grey & Bruce Railway for a term of 999 years its rail line running from Toronto northwest to Owen Sound and other points
  4. O&Q purchased from Atlantic and North-west Railway a part of the its railway system in Quebec thereby providing a connection to the province's railways
  5. O&Q received authorization to amalgamate with the CVR, TG&B, A&NW or Canada Southern Railway, or acquire or lease any of their lines, in order to provide a through service between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal[4]
  6. Parliament approved a preliminary agreement between the CPR and CVR, O&Q and A&NW to provide for the leasing of lines in order to provide for a through route between Montreal and St Thomas.[5]

Lease of operations to CPR[edit]

The CPR formalized its association with the O&Q by obtaining a 999 year lease on it in 1884,[6] expiring in 2883. By 1890, this lease gave the CPR an extensive network in Ontario and Quebec, with lines reaching between Quebec City and Windsor, Ontario, as well as a line running from near Ottawa to a connection with the CPR at Mattawa, Ontario.

The CPR never owned all of O&Q, a fact that caused legal problems when it attempted to sell off some O&Q real estate in Toronto that had become quite lucrative. However, the CPR won the court battle, which went to the Supreme Court of Canada.[7]

While O&Q and the TG&B had always been operated as part of the CPR network, they were finally amalgamated to form the St. Lawrence and Hudson Railway in 1998,[8][9] as a consequence of a corporate reorganization undertaken by CP.[10]


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