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OntoUML is an ontologically well-founded UML extension based on the Unified Foundational Ontology (UFO). UFO was created by Giancarlo Guizzardi in his Ph.D. thesis) and used to evaluate and re-design a fragment of the UML 2.0 metamodel. Giancarlo Guizzardi is a lead researcher at the Ontology & Conceptual Modeling Research Group (NEMO) located at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES) in Vitória, ES Brazil.

NEMO created an OntoUML infrastructure [1] using Eclipse EMF for OntoUML model manipulation which serve as a basis for its tool support. NEMO has been actively working on tool support for the OntoUML conceptual modeling language, respectively on:

1. extensions of UML production-grade tools to support OntoUML, namely, the Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect version 10.

2. a standalone tool called OLED (OntoUML Lightweight Editor) to the development, evaluation and implementation of domain ontologies.

3. a legacy OntoUML editor based on an old version of Eclipse/GMF.

Here are some references on some (recent) works involving the development of domain ontologies in OntoUML and w.r.t. NEMO's tool support .

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