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Kingdom of Oogaboo
Location of
Map of Oz, with Oogaboo in top right corner
Series Tik-Tok of Oz
Creator L. Frank Baum
Genre Fantasy
Ethnic groups Winkies
Government Monarchy
Population ca. 50 (18 adult males)
Flag of Oogaboo
The Oz series location
Creator L. Frank Baum
Genre Children's books
Type Fairy country
Notable characters Queen Ann Soforth
Jo Files, Ozga

Oogaboo is a fictional small kingdom in the Oz series of novels created by L. Frank Baum. A mountain range separates it from the rest of the Winkie Country in the Land of Oz. It is ruled by Queen Ann Soforth, daughter and successor to King Jol Jemkiph Soforth, who abdicated. Oogaboo is the smallest and poorest kingdom in Oz, despite the cultivation of trees which produce many items of value.